PICAYUNE, MS 39466-3912
(601) 798-1212

Cemetery Directory

Name:    Anner
Address:    Ceasar out past Christner Farm on left.
Carriere, Mississippi  39426
Contacts:    Prentice Kennedy

Name:    Antioch
Address:    8th Avenue
Picayune, Mississippi  39466
Contacts:    Auburn Smith: 601-798-4540
Main Phone:    601-798-9771

Name:    Benville
Address:    Benville Rd Baptist Church
Picayune, Mississippi
Contacts:    Bobby Bond: 601-799-5774
Robert Lee: 601-798-7410
Ned Bond: 601-799-2828

Name:    Caesar
Address:    Union Rd
by Union Baptist Church
Picayune, Mississippi
Contacts:    Dale Seal: 601-798-6432
Verlie Jones: 601-798-5968
Lamar Jones: 601-798-5968

Name:    Catahoula
Address:    Hwy 43 South
by Catahoula Baptist Church
Picayune, Mississippi
Contacts:    Forest Lee: 601-798-5541
Huey Stewart: 601-798-6382

Name:    First Baptist Church of Carriere Cemetery
Address:    7264 HWY 11
Carriere, Mississippi  39426
Contacts:    Rev. William Gary Smith
Main Phone:    601-798-6301
Day Phone:    601-798-6301
Day Phone:    601-798-1469

Name:    Henleyfield Community
Address:    5715 Hwy. 43 North
Carriere, Mississippi  39426
Contacts:    Tommy Burke
Jeff Burks
Main Phone:    601-798-4026
Day Phone:    601-799-1168

Name:    McNeill Cemetery
Address:    P.O. Box 27
approx. 1/4 mi west off Highway 11
McNeill, Mississippi  39457
Contacts:    Matty Jo Fox
Main Phone:    601-798-4374

Name:    Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Address:    Hwy 43 South on Right
(Wood caskets require vault)
Picayune, Mississippi  39466
Contacts:    Ted Brewer: 601-798-5238
Main Phone:    601-798-5238

Name:    Mill Creek
Address:    Hwy 43 S Salem Comm.
Picayune, Mississippi
Contacts:    Juniore Fore: 601-798-3547
Robert Cutrer: 601-749-4388

Name:    Mitchell
Address:    Dirt Rd 295 Off Dummy Line
Rd 1.25 Miles off Hwy 30 S
Picayune, Mississippi
Contacts:    Myrtiss Dossett: 601-798-2589
Lester Seal: 601-798-3080

Name:    Necaise
Address:    Off Ceaser Rd near Hwy 603
by Earl Ladner's Dairy Farm
Pearlington, Mississippi
Contacts:    Earl Ladner: 228-255-7278
Ida Ladner: 228-255-7155
Odessie Foubare: 228-255-4067

Name:    New Palestine
Address:    2336 Palestine Rd
Picayune, Mississippi  39466
Contacts:    Auburn Smith: 601-798-4540
Main Phone:    601-798-9770
Day Phone:    601-882-8362

Name:    Pine Grove
Address:    Pine Grove Baptist Church
Picayune, Mississippi
Contacts:    Laverne Stewart: 601-798-5148
Charles Stuart: 601-798-4238
Billy Floyd Seals: 601-798-2589

Name:    Skipper
Address:    Salem Rd
North of Hwy 43 S
Picayune, Mississippi
Contacts:    Judy Skipper: 601-798-2955
Claudia Penton: 601-798-2799

Name:    Smith
Address:    Hwy 53 South of Necaise
Pearlington, Mississippi
Contacts:    Robert Shaw, Jr: 228-255-1685
Erimie Shae: 228-255-7303

Name:    Sycamore
Address:    112 East Sycamore Rd
next to Sycamore Baptist Church
Picayune, Mississippi
Contacts:    Dale Fleming: 601-798-7417
Jimmy Fleming: 601-798-3665

Name:    Thigpen
Address:    Williamsburg Rd
Picayune, Mississippi
Contacts:    Auburn Smith: 601-798-4540
Jimmy Williams: 601-798-5171
Day Phone:    601-882-8362

Name:    Victory
Address:    Hwy 603 & Dummy Line Rd
by Victory Baptist Church
Pearlington, Mississippi

Name:    Wolfe Creek
Address:    Wolf Creek Rd.
Next to Wolfe Creek Baptist Church
Pearlington, Mississippi
Contacts:    E. J. Martin: 228-255-9437
Rev. Jewel Prince: 601-798-5748